As the largest university in Worcester, WPI is committed to building and supporting Worcester’s innovation ecosystem on our campus. We’re looking for companies to join us at Gateway Park, to partner as we advance our organizations, and to drive the central MA economy through transformative research, the creation of knowledge and world-class talent.

WPI has been a driver in the economic resurgence of Worcester through a $110 million investment in Gateway Park, its 1200 STEM graduates each year, and ongoing partnerships with the city of Worcester. Now the momentum is building as the University looks to expand the Gateway Park site. With 240,000 square feet of built to suit space available in one or two buildings and new state-of-the-art labs and facilities, Gateway Park offers tenants not only a compelling real estate opportunity, but the opportunity to partner with a leading STEM research institution in the discovery and creation of knowledge and transformational research. Together academia and industry will INNOVATE for GLOBAL IMPACT. This expansion will help meet the growing needs of the science and technology community in Massachusetts.

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Become part of a community that brings academia and industry together to innovate global solutions through science, engineering and technology. WPI has research strengths and educational expertise in the following areas…